TIL that, school uniforms were made for people who are at school-going age. Which is why if I were to whip out my old school uniform (I shall not divulge which school I came from) and put it on now, I will probably look like an idiot. But NTUC Income has decided that this would be a fun(ny) way of raising money for the #IncomeOrangeAid’s Future Development programme, that champions empowerment through education for youth in need.

For every photo post of yourself in uniform, Income will donate $1 to the cause.

(I kind of feel they could donate more than $1 per photo lah.) But anyway… Here are some of the ones I saw thus far:

The famous blogger


 The sure-kenna-booked


 The super white PAP boys



The most don’t-look-weird one


The MP


The cutest photo of them all


It’s really very difficult to pull the pinafores off, to be fair.

 Actually, they never specify age so maybe those who are REALLY in school now can participate instead. And raise money for this cause. Or just go and find an old photo of yourself in uniform lah.

Meantime, let me go and see if I can still find/wear my school uniform…

We will need lots of photos cause its only $1 per pic remember!