Andrew Loh, a prominent blogger who was once nominated by Yahoo Singapore as one of Singapore’s most influential media persons, recounted in his blog that he has 3 blockages and that he would need a bypass operation.

Andrew was one of the co-founders of The Online Citizen (TOC) – a sociopolitcal website that is highly critical of the existing government.

TOC are well known for blatantly picking out faults with the existing government and their one party system. Their articles (mostly half-truths) covers a wide range of topics such as crime, news, lifestyle and politics which have always taken a negative slant and encourage negative sentiments towards the government. These articles include LGBT issues, xenophobia, unemployment, etc.

It seems that Andrew is now  doing a u-turn in his latest post.

“As for the financials, I have to say we were surprised when the nurse who counselled us on such matters told us the cost of the bypass surgery, and how much we are expected to pay.

The final bill is expected to be in the ballpark of $5,000, give or take.

This is after an up to 80% government subsidy.

Factor in Medishield Life (please contribute to your Medisave!), and personal insurance, and we end up paying very little (if any) by way of cash payments.

So, whatever you may say, I do appreciate that govt subsidy and Medishield Life are important and helpful.

Life is indeed short. This news of me needing a bypass op comes barely 2 months after I had turned 50.

Such news do make you pause and ponder on life, and to treasure those around you.”

As we read his statement above, we were transported back to what Min Ng Eng Hean said during the General Elections of 2015.

"Even if you jeer us, we will improve your lives….because we believe in Singapore

"Even if you jeer us, we will improve your lives….because we believe in Singapore" — Ng Eng Hen to WP's boo-ers. I was there, Ng Eng Hen's speech took the wind out of WP. 攻人党Low Thia Kiang is your party civilised? R we a third world country? Is this the kind of WP politics you want for Singapore? WP表里不一的伪子。

Posted by Fabrications About The PAP on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Turning to those jeering at his speech, Ng said, “Year by year we will improve your lives, even if you jeer against us, we will improve your lives.”

He continued with, “And the more you jeer, the more we will continue to improve it even more.”

The PAP may be arrogant. They may be elitist. Heck, They may not even be sorry for it.

But one thing is for sure,  they have  increased the social security net (medical, housing, CPF) substantially over the years and contributed to improving our lives.

You can all agree to disagree. Thank you.