After weeks of intensive vector control, rigorous testing of patients and applying boxes of mosquito patches and insect repellents later, our fight against Zika seems to be turning the corner.

According to NEA website here. The number of reported cases has decreased significantly until there was zero new reported cases (as of 3pm on 13 Sep)


During Parliament yesterday, Minister Masagos explained that while fogging is visually assuring, we must work towards more effective fogging and not more fogging. Fogging is most effective if the chemical mist comes in contact with the mosquitoes but over time, studies has shown that mosquitoes could develop immunity against the chemical used.

Instead, the focus should be on mitigation, vector control and source eradication.


Gan Kim Yong was still busy telling people that there was no cover up.


Looks like all your efforts are working because about 50% of the breeding sites are found in homes and only 5% in construction sites.

Keep up the good work and continue doing the mozzie wipe outs!