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First Miss Mermaid Pageant in Singapore

It was reported yesterday in the Straits Times that the Miss Mermaid Singapore pageant will be held in the first time ever.

 The beauty pageant originated from Germany, and attracted 61 contestants here. 14 finalists will compete for the title later this evening at Hotel Changi Village.

 According to the Straits Times,  “the finalists are judged on criteria such as face, figure, interview skills where they share conservation and general knowledge, creativity in decorating their mermaid costumes, swimming skills when they complete an underwater obstacle course, creative talents such as dancing, and posing underwater.”

 You can see pictures of the contestants on this page.

 Weird, just weird.

 And it appears that many on the internet are not impressed as well.



But in any case, if you have time tonight, no harm popping by Changi Village to take a look. The area happens to be a great place for Pokemon hunting.


Scene outside Hotel Changi Village on 4 September, 8pm

That is all.

 The end.

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  1. Aravin

    What a lame pageant.

    Next they will organise Miss mymaid singapore

    What the fish

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