We look past his pink shirt and tell you like how the kopitam uncle would (after a couple of beers) or the Malay uncle (after a couple of Teh Tarik).

Source: Channel News Asia



Why do we need an elected president in the first place? Why cannot ownself choose ownself in Parliament?

Singapore president must remain elected because the president has custodial powers over the use of reserves, and a mandate is needed to exercise those powers.

He can say ‘look the people chose me to guard the reserves. You (the Parl) canot suka suka spend!’

‘Maybe that is why the opposition do not like the EP. If they win, they still cannot have full access to the reserves’.

 Why do we need a minority representation for the president?

You take a look at America (which is considered a melting pot of races) – 230 years of independence than they got Barrack Obama (a black president)

Latest survey showed that race still matters when it comes to politics and how people cast their vote, which is why it is necessary to amend the Constitution to ensure a president from Singapore’s minority is elected from time to time.

You want to wait 230 years ah?

Opposition plays on your sentiments by withholding certain facts. You should look at the facts.

Eh then it is easier to become a president as a minority?

Are you saying our Indians and Malays brothers and sisters are all of lesser calibre?

Let’s put it this way. Do you approve of the minority representation in the GRC system? Aren’t you glad we have a minority representation in your constituencies? – that your Malay / Indian MP can relate and speak up for their race groups. Are they not equally capable to carry out their job?

To be the President of Singapore means you undergo the same qualifying criteria, the same standards and there cannot be any doubt that the person who’s elected is of that quality.

These are the facts.

Any issues on tokenism?

“Simi sai also tokenism. Can sinkies please don’t pawn your own sinkies.”

A minority representation is a necessary symbolism of what we are as a multiracial society, what Singapore means, stands for and what we aspire to be. In every multiracial society, we want to have a symbol of that togetherness, of that unity, of that inclusiveness.

Tokenism. Pui ! . . .

Are you deliberately eliminating Tan Cheng Bock as a candidate?

Wah. I no comment. You all think I so free to do all this just to disqualify TCB?  This will be your president le. You get to choose one. I have no say in this.

If a minority turned up as a candidate, then we will accept him and he will be considered in the election amongst the minority group. If it’s all Chinese candidates, then its open and you carry on and whoever wins, wins. The Chinese Singaporeans understand that they have to take the extra step to make minorities feel comfortable living in Singapore, pursing the way of life, having opportunities like everyone else and not being disadvantaged.

Why now then? – Is it because you want to eliminate Tan Cheng Bock as candidate?

*Face palm*. 25 years has passed. We have had time to asses if our system is working or not. So far we only have the late S R Nathan, who was elected for two terms unopposed. I want to do this now because, I’m not going to be PM forever (you all saw how I nearly fainted  during NDR right) so I don’t think it is fair for my successor to inherit this problem.

Who is your ideal president?

Someone who can identify with all Singaporeans, whom all Singaporeans look up to, respect and at the same time have the weight and the judgement to look at what the government is putting up to them and to say ‘NO, or Yes’ . You need the experience. You need the personality.