And that’s the reason why Dr Chee Soon Juan will never make it into parliament.

This was what Dr Chee said at the onset of the Zika spread.


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The attempted clarifications by Minister for Health Gan Kim Yong and other Ministry of Health (MOH) officials about the outbreak of the 41 Zika cases in Singapore raise fresh concerns.

The first case was detected on 31 July 2016. MOH had preliminary results before this was confirmed on 27 August 2016 but decided not to inform the public because it did not want to “create a false alarm”.

Given the seriousness of the disease and the ease of which it is transmitted, it behooves health officials to alert the public about the possibility of its transmission as early as possible.

The government has to stop its excuse of not wanting to cause alarm or panic (as in the case of the defective trains sent back to China for repairs) to keep vital information from the public. It must trust Singaporeans to react rationally and provide full information in a timely manner.

Medical professionals do not withhold information from their patients even when illnesses are only suspected but need further testing for confirmation. In such cases, patients are given the full account of the situation rather than kept in the dark.

Similarly, the public should be kept fully informed even if a matter is still in the developing stage.

The provision of complete information is a practice that must be the norm. Withholding information for fear of creating “panic” or “alarm” is a dangerous practice that can be abused to keep important facts that the government finds embarrassing or inconvenient from the public.

Already, this government has a poor track record in as far as transparency is concerned, the Hepatitis-C outbreak tragedy and the defective MRT trains fiasco are but the most recent examples.

We understand that he is a politician and he wants to leverage on the issue to promote himself. (BUT come on la. At least get your facts rights le.)

1 – Dr Chee misrepresented the facts, saying that the first case was detected on 31 July.

This is not true – The first case was actually detected in late Aug and a public statement was made shortly after, the same day that it was confirmed as Zika.

2 – Dr Chee alleged that the government did not inform the public because it did not want ‘ to create false alarm’

SDP is suggesting that the government covered up the incident to prevent a false alarm. Again this is not true –  because MOH actually broke the news on the day of the confirmation.

When asked why it took two days (from the day the Malaysian woman at CDC) before MOH announced the case, Min Gan replied that more tests were required for ‘double confirmation’. Even experts like Dr Derrick Heng said that MOH had to wait for confirmation in order not to cause false alarm.

Don’t believe us. Read the actual report yourself.

CSJ could have walked, ran or even cycled (things which he always did during elections) but he did not. Instead he gave a FB post which is not only unhelpful but also inaccurate.


Now compare this to what the Workers’ Party had done.


Leading by example, the Workers’ Party (WP), mobilised its grassroots volunteers to knock on doors to check on residents in 15 blocks of flats in the affected cluster in Bedok North Ave 3 and St 3.

More than 40 volunteers led by parliamentarians Sylvia Lim, Png Eng Huat, Faisal Manap, Low Thia Khiang, Chen Show Mao and Daniel Goh, participated in this exercise on 1 Sep at about 7.30pm. The party called the reachout ‘Operation Kaki Bukit’.


(Pics from TISG)