Seniors, rejoice! A new drama series, shot in Hokkien, will air on Channel 8 from 9 September onwards.

According to TODAY, the new series, called “Jiak Ba Buay” or “Eat Already” in English, is directed by Singaporean award winning film maker Royston Tan. This is also Royston’s first time directing a TV drama.

The drama is a collaboration between the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) and Mediacorp to impart messages to the elderly on healthy eating, active ageing and lifelong learning.

(i.e. One of those Channel drama where the government tries to seed some messages rather obviously into the scenes.)

But who cares, if the drama is enjoyable.

Did I also mention that the drama has a catchy theme song which is completely in Hokkien?


Steady lah!

Our only complaint? Next time don’t shoot just in Hokkien, lah. Include some Teochew, Cantonese, Hainanese, and maybe Singlish.

Anyway, spread the word and tell your parents and grandparents, k? I’m sure they will be pleased to heard about this.

And next time when you see an elderly, ask them whether they “Jiak Ba Buay!” It is a courtesy greeting, in case you are not aware.


(Pic: TNP)