We put his explanation in laymen terms and let you decide for yourselves

Q) The first case was announced on Saturday, and it jumped to 41 cases. Could the MOH have announced all these cases earlier?

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong:

20130819_GanKimYong_st_2Zika have no unique symptoms other than fever, muscle ache, headache. These are normal everyday symptoms le. No one could have suspected them of having Zika because they got no travel history.

After the first case, we chose to do extensive tracking just to make sure. We had to relooked all the cases with fever, muscle ache, headache and checked their blood test.

When we found out that there were others who had Zika. Although they have recovered well, we still decide to let you guys know because of transparency . . .

During the testing, even though there were a lot of people saying that it could be zika, we still cannot let the public know because the results were not out yet and we do not want to cause undue panic!

Once the test results were out, we immediately told you guys about it . . . we don’t hide anything one le…

Don’t believe me, look at Channel News Asia timeline below:


You keep saying I’m not transparent. Why leh? I recalled all my staff over the weekend just to settle this asap!

Anyway I don’t care what you say as long as you do the mozzie wipeout k.

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