Smelt the air this morning before I left for school. Damn it. The haze seems to be back. Freaking smelly as I went on to complaint to myself on how the Indonesia government is totally useless and incompetent.

I got a sensitive nose. Perfect opportunity for me to go take M.C. I should just go to the doctor now.

giphy (5).gif

People all across the Singapore are already posting how bad the smell is and even uploaded pictures of the haze.


Damn chialat. 3-hour PSI is 90. NEA said that it will be issuing an advisory.

Tell you what. Don’t need to wait for NEA advisory.

Take our advisory instead:

  • Stay home if you have breathing difficulties.
  • Don’t do strenuous exercises. Don’t play Pokémon.  These virtual creatures are not affected by the haze but you will definitely be …. In clear weather, cars can still stop or evade when you cross the road recklessly for that Snorlax, but in these poor visibility conditions due to the haze, you are more likely to be run-down.
  •  Be thankful that you have 11 other months to play Pokemon and catch them all.
  • If you are sending Remembering S R Nathan on his last journey later, wear a mask.