This NDR got me guessing, “Bloody hell, confirm kena target again. Confirm kena teruk teruk. Especially after the latest arrest of all these self-radicalised people” “Who listens to Batam Radio station anyways!” “Now PM will take the opportunity to tell us to do more to integrate, integrate, and integrate and to keep up with times.”

He’s going to highlight some successful Malay individuals as examples that our race can make it in Singapore as long as we put in our best foot forward. … (Wayang la… every year the same one! just different people only)

Bloody hell, as if that is not enough he’s probably going to tap on your nostalgia again (SG50 last year) and talk about Yusof Ishak and his values as a Malay President thinking that it would inspire us.

(Pfffft  Give me a break la.)

Yusof Ishak was how long ago? You touch your heart and ask yourself if we can have a Malay President in Singapore now? If cannot, then please don’t talk about Yusof Ishak so much can . . .

I was right in my assessment.  PM touched every single topic that I have highlighted above.

HOWEVER I did not expect him to also touch on the following:

Quality control: The Asatizah Regconition Scheme (ARS)

He explained that it was important for Singapore Muslims to seek guidance from religious teachers/scholars grounded in Singapore’s multi racial, multi religious context.

Islam allows Muslims to practice within the faith, but according to context and where they live. Look at the Muslims in Norway; they are flexible enough to adjust their fasting timmings during summer in order to preserve their health. (are they less of a muslim than us?) We must make judgements too and that requires our Ulama who have a good understanding of our country to make the proper Fatwa and Irsyad.

I wanted to speak out here; something along the lines of heavy state intervention.. blah blah blah… but then again, my head tells me that the ARS is a good move to standardise our Asatizah’s teachings.

At least got quality control la (something like MOE accreditation).

At the end of the day, I want to send my children to Madrasah to learn the proper things (and not jihad for ISIS) and this can only happen if our Asatizahs are properly trained.

A Melayu Head of State: The Elected President

In order to build a multiracial society, the Government knows that the minorities had to feel that they are well-represented in the political system, and that their interests are looked after.

We must acknowledge our differences and take into account the realities of these differences.

“We must make sure that from time to time Singapore has a Malay President, an Indian President, or one from another minority race.” However we will maintain the same stringent qualifying criteria no matter the race of the candidate for President.

This part made me sit up and eat all my words i ever said in coffeeshops over teh tarik about Malays not having the chance to become the President in Singapore.

We will have a Malay President la sia!

AND please Don’t start telling me about tokenism la… or puppet la… k…

The last time when there was no Malay President, you said –  aiya, Chinese country what, of course la all Chinese president….

Now when there is finally an opportunity, you said –  President also cannot do anything what, don’t be stupid. all this politics one!

Stop pawning own race can?

Yes, Malays have restricted access in the Military, our uniformed officers have yet to be able to  wear the Tudung  and for the longest time, we also do not have a Malay President ..

Its all changing step by step now isn’t it.



This NDR is indeed different from all the other NDRs which I have heard previously.

Yes there were no goodies.

Yes, terrorism is still subtly mentioned in the same breath as the Muslim community.

BUT there is also a sense of hope for my Malay community;  because this NDR we addressed the bedrock of Singapore’s society – race.

If in previous years, it was all talk and handing out sweets, then this time round he made a promise and put his legacy on the line.

As a Muslim, my faith will be supported and  that there will be continued quality religious education.

As a Malay, my children will have a chance to be the President of Singapore (despite it being a Chinese majority).

This NDR – many more like me would have sit up and take notice of his promise.

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