We often see people’s true colours during difficult times.

So it was no surprise that different opposition leaders reacted differently when PM Lee took ill halfway during his National Day Rally speech. Some with class, and others with crass.

I guess these also reflect the quality of the parties and the people in these parties as well. Here’s some of our choice picks.

This is what WP’s Gerald Giam said. Classy.


And here’s what Reform Party’s Kenneth Jeyaretnam has to say:



And here’s what Singapore Democratic Party’s Chee Soon Juan has to say. He edited his post four times, speculating at first that PM Lee suffered from a “neurological problem”, and that PM Lee “couldn’t continue”. He then changed his posts when it was clear that he was wrong.


Really flip prata and pattern more than badminton.

That is all.

We love the Workers’ Party!

The end.