The wayang public spirit is strong in this one.

So, PAP defeated candidate for Aljunied GRC Victor Lye turned into an estate cleaner for a day, and went to pick up litter at Hougang Blk 401 playground area, which made the news recently for being popular with Pokemon Go players.

In a FB update earlier today, Lye talked about how he and several volunteers went around cleaning up the place. (You can about it here.)

How nice of him. The wayang public spirit is really strong in this one.

Here’s some pictures of Victor Lye the cleaner in action:



And look at the effectiveness of his estate cleaning. Wow!





As good as new!

Guess WP is right on this one – vote in a WP MP, and have a PAP grassroots adviser serve you concurrently. Buy one get one free!

However, it seems like Lye’s efforts aren’t really appreciated by the Pokemon Go community. Here’s what they have to say about Lye’s post.


Aiyo, Lye you so like that?

That is all.

The end.