So, the highly anticipated Pokemon Go was launched over the weekend. And you can see the scenes below, its literally everywhere you go:

poke1poke2poke3(Photos from HardWareZone)

Accidents are waiting with so many eyes glued to their phones.

And that was exactly what happened last evening.

According to the Straits Times, a car crashed into a railing in Queenstown after trying to take over a car in front, which had stopped. (The road is a two way street, with a single lane on each side.)

An eye witness said that all three occupants of the second car (which stopped) were playing Pokemon Go. The vehicle drove off immediately after the accident.

I guess Pokemon Go aids in natural selection – dumb people will lose their lives in stupid ways doing stupid things while trying to catch Pokemon.

But don’t endanger those around you, lah. People never play Pokemon Go and bo dai bo ji get implicated.


That is all.

The end.