Finally, his motives are laid out for all to see (and judge).

Mr Zulfikar Shariff, the individual behind, the person who instigated families to file lawsuits against the Singapore government for disallowing their primary school children to wear the tudung to school, the person who was a part of the Wear White movement in 2014, the person who disguised and masked his real intentions so well, that many followed and supported his narratives online (of which two were successfully radicalised)

According to MHA statement, Zulfikar admitted to the use of social media to propagate and spread his radical messages. He wanted his followers to reject the Western Secular democratic nation-state system and instead establish an Islamic Caliphate in its place., governed by Syariah law.

Although his page Al-Makhazin has more than 5000 likes as of today, I’m optimistic that not all netters there agree with his points.


 It is one thing to criticize the government and the Malay PAP MPs for their inability to defend the interests of the Malays and the Muslims (BH, 27 Jan 2002) but it is an entirely different thing to pit Singapore Muslims against one another, disguised behind fighting for Muslim rights and deliberately and consciously pushing the agendas of terrorist groups.

(Thank goodness, majority of his audience had more sense then him. A handful even called him out on his page)

I have a niggling question though, Zulfikar has always said that he wanted to Singapore and that he misses home, but he’s been told that if he does he will not only be facing three charges of criminal defamation, but will be prosecuted for sedition and contravening Singapore’s Religious Harmony Act.


‘I miss home,’ Mr Shariff says. ‘But sources within the government have informed me that I’ll be incarcerated upon my return.’

Terrorism is a serious threat and by propagating radicalism and violence, he has shown himself to be a threat to national security.

What made him come home? Why now?

Only God Knows.

“individuals who preached extremism and motivate others to commit violence were more dangerous than those who inflict physical harm and kill.” K Shanmugam