[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFX5S2BoNK4]

Sure her actions were racist, but anyone who watched the video will agree that she is sick within the first few seconds.

The internet too shared the same sentiments and agreed that she urgently needed help.



We think, it was something more sinister. We think she was possessed.


Look at the video again and you will see the signs of demonic possession.

Angry and Frustrated (at nothing)


See how the old lady is ranting on and on at empty spaces or at blank walls? The person may become threatening, abusive, or violent for no clear, outward reason. These characteristics are especially noticeable when the person lashes out to harm innocent around them (especially animals)

Oversensitive senses including a frequent rotten smell.


Sudden changes to vocabulary, eerie laughter…


Saying the devils name over and over again (Saitan.. meaning the devil)



She needs help. Call an exorcist, medium, bomoh or ghostbusters quick.