Singapore’s future is still bright with youngsters like this. . . .

So last Saturday, a certain Mrs Sheeba John wrote to the Straits Times Forum complaining about library fines.

Her daughter had borrowed two books from a public library back in December 2015, but forgot to return the books. They returned the books this month, and was slapped with a fine of $25 (she was actually given a discount of $6.42 for the fine). Mrs Sheeba John said that the experience caused her children and herself to develop a phobia of borrowing books, and she hoped that the library board would “develop a proper system for helping library users”.

Mr Brown responded with a brilliant reply the same day:

book 1


And today, an Straits Times forum reply from a 10yo primary school student restored my faith in young Singaporeans.

Here’s what little Charmaine Wong has to say:

“I am a frequent user of the library and have found many interesting and educational books there.

Borrowing books saves money, space and, most importantly, the environment. It is amazing to think that instead of 10 people buying and storing books in their homes, they can share one book.

The library hands out fines to encourage borrowers to return books on time.

We should be responsible borrowers. If we want to avoid fines, we should remember to return the books on time.

If I were fined for forgetting to return library books I have borrowed, I would pay it in full. It would serve as a lesson to me to return my books on time in future.”

Charmaine, we are proud of you.

Take that, Mrs Sheeba John. Singapore’s future is still bright with youngsters like Charmaine.

That is all.

The end.