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‘LIVE’ telecast of Rio Olympics in Singapore

Previously we shared that the chances of having live coverage of the Games are a tad unrealistic given how greedy Dentsu (the Japanese company which won the bid for broadcasting rights) is.

For the 2012 London Games, the broadcasting rights were sold to an association of broadcasting organisations, of which Mediacorp is a member. Mediacorp had tried to aquire the Singapore broadcast rights from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) but Dentsu beat them to it.

The Straits Times understands that Mediacorp and broadcast rights holder Dentsu have finally inked a deal that includes only delayed telecasts of the sporting action.

Mediacorp will air at least 10 hours of delayed action daily for the duration of the Aug 5-21 Games.

Only the opening and closing ceremonies will be shown live.

Okto*Toggle (Simulcast and Catch-Up) will be streaming 3 daily highlight shows of Rio Olympics from 7 to 21 August.

The agreement also includes the Olympics news channel and daily highlights, on top of content produced by Mediacorp’s crew in Brazil.

For sporting action, Mediacorp can only air an event after the entire session has concluded. For instance, a fan wanting to watch the first final on Day One of swimming (the men’s 400m individual medley) will have to wait for the entire session to end some two hours later to catch it on television.

Frankly speaking, the whole Olympics in Rio is starting to stink big time.

Zika is still a major threat, big name athletes are pulling out of the games and now this bullshit ‘LIVE’ broadcast in Singapore.

If by now you are asking what is the channel for Okto? Its Channel 108.


You can also catch it online at YouTube Toggle.sg/2016 or the social media pages of Channel NewsAsia, TODAY, Okto, and Toggle.




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  1. Robert Firth

    Okto is suposed to be a channel for children and the arts. Who are the people least lilely to be interested in the insane sporting extravaganza that is the olympics? Yes, children and art lovers.

    Time Singapore has a single channel devoted to sport, that the rest of us can tune out.

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