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Most times, we have good insights as to how netters are responding to current affairs and we are most happy to have the opportunity to share them with you.

There are also, sporadic moments, which makes us grit our teeth together and forces us to supress the urge to face palm people.

What started as a an official visit by a Minister Tan Chuan Jin to his counterpart in Johor and a durian outing by grassroot leaders, quickly turned into an online fracas when opposition member Png Eng Huat  (who was also at the Woodlands Checkpoint for another durian outing) noticed that Min Tan Chuan Jin received priority clearance.


Png Eng Huat shouted (online) that this was unfair, Min Tan had abused his authority and caste doubt on the partiality of the customs officers.

Short of posting WTF on their FB page, ICA had no idea what the fuss was all about but proceed anyways to give the public their official explanation here.

By now, many could already tell that it is a petty spat and decided to let it slide into the background.

Unfortunately the issue refused to die down.

Alternative sites such as The Independent Singapore, All Singapore Stuff and even some Workers Party members called for blood on their personal FB pages.

 Fueled by Workers Party logic, these sites continued to badger that Singapore has gone to the dogs and they are essentially calling a spade a spade (i.e stating what is obvious)

Tan Chuan Jin questioned the motive of Png Eng Huat and his supporters politicising the incident when it is a well-known fact that ministers (no matter which country you are from) were given priority clearance together with their armed security personnel.

He wanted to know what is the issue here since his mode of transport was the bus in which 20 of his grassroots leaders were in and only his bus was given the expedited clearance while the rest of his entourage (19 other buses) had to queue just like Png Eng Huat.

It was petty and the issue was really going nowhere. It took a  brave should in HardwareZone to comment and put it into perspective, summing it all up  – Narrow minded Opposition MP complained about Minister being given priority clearance on FB

True or not. We let you decide. We had enough of the saga.. Moving on . . .