California Fitness Gym closed all its outlets in Singapore today. Its members are angry that they could not get refunds for their membership. There were stories of customers who recently signed on for as long as three years, only for the gym to close down soon after.

Judging by the angry chatter online, I guess there must be a large group of people who are pissed and who are suddenly without a place to work out.

Do not fret any further than you already have.  Here are some suggestions for you to still get your exercise (and maybe bring your temper down as well)

Marina Bay


(Source: JustRunLah)

Stunning, postcard-worthy array of skyscrapers, theatres, shophouses and of course, the iconic Marina Bay Sands. This running route is relatively simple and allows you to run all the way around the edge of the bay area without having to cross busy streets or wait at traffic lights. The route is approximately 3.5 km long, but you can extend it by running up the Singapore River towards Clarke Quay if you want.

Tip: Challenge yourself and do circuits, squeeze in sit-ups and push-ups every 400 meters


MacRitchie Reservoir



(Source: JustRunLah)

Located almost right in the centre of Singapore, the MacRitchie Reservoir provides a variety of fantastic routes and trails to jog along. I highly recommend starting early in the morning to avoid the midday heat – although much of the route is covered by trees. Also bring water, and beware of the monkeys! The reservoir loop is approximately 11km long, and you will be running on a mix of pavement, wooden boards and dirt track. Parts of the route are fairly undulating, although not too strenuous.

Tip:  Challenge yourself by doing interval runs; sprint every up slope and recover on the flat gradient.


The Southern Ridges

Green Spots_6


Without a doubt one of my favourite routes to run and work out at. Whether you want to lose weight through cardio, or build a bit of mass through upper body exercises or intensive workouts, there are few routes more scenic and varied than the Southern Ridges. You start off near Kent Ridge Park, among the tech companies and manufacturing plants. Cross the Canopy Walk and into the verdant HortPark. The Forest Walk might make you think you are in the jungle, but the Henderson Waves will make you feel like you have arrived on another planet!

Tip:  End your workout in VivoCity where you can relax in one of the many restaurants there.

*SCAPE – For your Hip Hop & Zumba classes!

(Source: Newssource.wordpress)

Scape, a well-known spot for Hip-Hop dancers to master their moves. Dancers practise at Level 4 and judgement is left behind as everyone is just there for a common aim – to dance their hearts out. Friendly competitions happen once in a while, and they even organise exchange programmes where they get to learn different styles of Popping, Locking, and Hip-Hop dancing from each other. What a cool way to start exercising!

Don’t let the closure of California Fitness stop you from continuing your exercise.

Singapore is a clean and green city state. After many years of pruning and trimming, We can find greenery almost everywhere. The air is fresh, and the sky is always blue. 

Best of all, no membership is required and no pesky trainers asking you to sign up for their packages. We do however miss the hot shower and the complimentary towels 🙁