Back in May 2016, WP’s candidate for Marine Parade GRC in the last general elections He Ting Ru announced on FB that she’s pregnant.


But her announcement caught some by surprise! Husband? Pregnant? What! Who!


Many were under the impression that she was still single. (Her profile on the WP website is reflected as such.)




We attempted at some CSI-ing… and here’s what we found out (Good news if its true!):


Clue #1

(Source: Terence Tan’s FB page)

 Curious isn’t it, that fellow Marine Parade GRC candidate Terence Tan chose to use this particular picture as his FB cover pic?


Clue #2

(Source: He Ting Ru’s FB page)

(Source: Terence Tan’s FB page)

Note the mole on Terence Tan’s left hand, and compare that with the pair of hands over He Ting Ru’s baby bump.

 Must be a great love story if its true!

Can WP confirm the story, please?