No it wasn’t his durian breath!

The ICA confirmed what we had suspected all along (took them a while though!)

That Tan Chuan Jin was given expedited clearance at the customs because ….. HE WAS ON AN OFFICIAL VISIT AS A MINISTER!

ICA confirmed that Minister for Family and Social Development Tan Chuan-Jin was travelling with 20 bus loads of people, who were his residents and grassroots leaders, on Sunday (July 17) when he, his security officers and the other passengers in his bus were given clearance, without having to queue, at the Tuas Checkpoint at around 9.20pm. (Source)

Out of the 20 busses, only his bus was given expedited clearance!

The passengers in the other 19 buses were cleared through the normal channels, ICA added.

“It is normal practice for ICA to give expedited clearance to Ministers, on both sides of the Causeway as well as members of the Malaysian royalty,” ICA said.

“Where they travel with others in a group, ICA officers will use their judgment on the clearance process,” it added.

Mr Tan was on a semi-official trip. He then chose to join his residents for a Johor Baru tour and take the bus with them instead of driving in.

“It was a semi-official visit and his security officers carried firearms. Thus, his whole bus of residents was cleared at the same time,” said the post.

According to ICA, records show that Mr Png was at the checkpoint for about 30 minutes, and was cleared through immigration.

So essentially, Tan Chuan Jin was on an official trip and Mr Png was on a leisure trip. Mr Png  is sore that a small fry PAP MP can jump queue and want the system to give way to him too because he believes deserves it.

It was never about the durians.