Singaporeans, no need to worry about our own water supply. PUB has dealt with it like a boss.

Our favourite neighbour, Malaysia, has asked PUB to urgently supply them with extra water. Six million gallons per day (mgd) more for the next three days, to be exact.

According to PUB, the extra water will help Malaysia “stabilise its own supply system in Johor Bahru”, after local treatment plants were shut down due to pollution in the Johor River.

What’s our current water situation with Malaysia?

  1. We can draw 250 mgd of raw water from the Johor River.
  2. We have to sell them 5 mgd of treated water. BUT we currently sell three times this amount daily, up to 16mgd. The 6 mgd Malaysia is now asking for is on top of this amount.

As usual, like all government agencies, PUB went on to blow its own trumpet by telling Singaporeans not to worry because Singapore is “able to increase local production at short notice”.

To be fair, PUB has earned those bragging rights. Why? The story of how we grew from a sad little island that needed water from up north, to become water-independent is as clichéd as it gets, but no less of a success story that is recognised by many.

FYI, the Johor River is also where we draw our water from, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem for us – yet. Probably because of our four national taps.


Moral of the story? Singapore and Malaysia both need each other.

Political differences aside, we cannot avoid the fact that we are geographical neighbours. Anything that happens to one side will affect the other side somehow. Even a localised thing like dry weather in Malaysia can cause durian prices in Singapore to spike. If one of our four national taps goes down, you can bet there will be huge problems.

So be nice to our Malaysian friends, and don’t sweat the small stuff.


(Credit: Google Images)