A teacher has been suspended by a pre-school after a parent lodged a public complaint about her behaviour towards his son (Link)

Apparently, the teacher made the student stand in front of the class for sporting long hair, and then putting a ‘girl hair clip’ on the boy, much to the amusement of other kids.

A few other parents also shared that the teacher would use a pen or a marker that she is holding to poke on our children’s foreheads when they answered wrongly to her questions. She will use a water spray and spray into the kids mouth if they were seen yawning in class. She had in a few situations, tied up the kids legs together if they swing their legs in class.

Despite the complaints, majority of the parents still want the teacher to stay on despite the incidents. She had received many commendations during her course of work.

I think the parents should just make up their mind and decide if they want to tolerate such ‘punishments’ on their child.

Why keep such teachers around, genuinely caring but traditional in their approach. Why give them false hope and open them to further scrutiny.  Why put your child through the embarrassment of you possibly kicking up a fuss again

It is easy to blame the students for being soft and part of the strawberry generation but actually, the parents should take the blame.

Often, they do not know what they want.

They pay good money for teachers to teach and discipline their children but step in at the earliest opportunity to tell the teacher what is right and what is wrong.

As an educator, it may not be in the teachers place to lay hands on the students…But parents expect them to do it nonetheless .. albeit with a light touched approach. (Whatever that means)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp-QPNz6e2M&w=420&h=315]