Two months ago, Dr Chee Soon Juan and SDP shot themselves in the foot by misreading a poll done by Blackbox Research done during the Bukit Batok by-election. (You can read about more it here and here if that episode sounds unfamiliar to you.)

Two months later, Dr Chee shot himself in the foot, again.

Let’s look at what Dr Chee said in response to Hari Kiri Khaw’s latest statement on the train recall. (You can read what Khaw said here.)




Dr Chee  clearly thinks that it is absurd of the government to think that Singaporeans would have been unnecessarily alarmed if they had been told about the hairline cracks.

But that is also an implicit admission from him that there is actually nothing to be alarmed about, isn’t it?

And if there is indeed nothing to be alarmed about, as Dr Chee suggested, then why did Dr Chee make a huge song and dance about it in the first place?

Well, for political mileage of course!

(Note that apart from above FB post, Dr Chee has also posted about the issue on three other occasions – here, here and here. In contrast, the good Dr Paul Tambyah has refrained from commenting on this.)

As I have written in an earlier piece, the whole train recall was a PR disaster for LTA/MOT cause they didn’t handled it well. (I believe the exact word I used was ‘stupid’.)

But I also pointed out that (1) the recall wasn’t a safety issue, (2) commercial recalls are common, (3) everything these days is made in China and (4) HK media is probably playing this whole thing up cause of its domestic spat with China.

So in sum, much ado about nothing, really. It would indeed be an issue of transparency if there was indeed a cover-up, but in this case, there isn’t. There are many more real and important issues that the opposition and private citizens should hold the government accountable to, but I think this train issue isn’t one of them.

And we shouldn’t make it an issue if it really isn’t an issue to begin with. It turns people off.

For instance, many were turned off by what they think was excessive politicking when PAP went full retard on WP over the cleaning of hawker centres in Aljunied GRC. (You can read about it here.)

So why is Dr Chee playing PAP’s game when he has always claimed to be better than that?

Surely Dr Chee can do better.