I still do not understand how the new PSLE score system will promote holistic approach to learning.

Will I still be banded? – Yes

Will parents still pressure their child to go to a good school? – Most definitely

How then will eliminating the T-Score system and introducing broader bands make students emphasise less on academic results.

(Our secondary schools use a similar broad banding system. Do you see any difference in holistic learning? – Don’t think so. I still see people mugging away)

Acting Minister for Education Ng Chee Meng said “With this, we hope parents and students will be afforded more choices to choose from so that the secondary schools will best fit for the child in terms of his interest and learning needs”

The new banding system is a start to a less differentiated scoring.

It means your child still have to work hard and score well, BUT they should not beat themselves up if they scored 95 instead of 99.

It means, instead of spending your days and nights studying for those extra marks to get a perfect 100, you can now go play Pokemon-Go and pursue your interest because those marks do not matter, you will still be in the AL1 band.

To be honest, the new system does not address the crux of the issue that was brought up multiple times – Can we totally do away with banding system at the PSLE level and just let students learn for themselves.

“Your son get 267 points? My son abit higher, 270 points”

“Your son gets 8 points? My son only 4 points”

(Whats the difference you tell me? – still kena banded what!)

PSLE is a useful checkpoint to gauge the level of students learning in the core subjects at the end of six years of primary school and guides his future choice, however, they should not be banded and schools should not have cut off points. All schools should have the same curriculum and all teachers should teach to the best of their ability using the same resources and sylybus

Perhaps the best news so far from this new system is this – Singaporeans get in first!

After assessing the academic performances, candidates who have the same PSLE score will be picked according to citizenship, followed by the choice order of your schools.

(Heck yes! Fully Supported!)

It is no  doubt that the old PSLE system is obsolete.

But as we try to move forward and change the system, it would be difficult to please everyone.

The system is just a guide and the latest PSLE changes a start to something bigger –  eventually we will need a change in mindset to make it successful

Min Ng Chee Meng sums it best in the following quote

“It will take all of us, parents, educators, maybe even society in general, to move this school system forward so that we reduce the competitiveness of it and encourage the creativity and collaboration of succeeding together,”

Meanwhile, you will still have to go for your Chinese tuition lor . . . and look at the video for a quick understanding of the new PSLE system…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNhLvEk_B90]