So, a FB user by the name of Keow Wee Loong apparently snucked into the Fukushima Exclusion Zone illegally. He also posted up some incredibly surreal photos taken during his little excursion, photos that resembled images in video games and movies that depicted nuclear fallout scenes.

Interestingly, he was clad in shorts and sandals, with little protective gear. I guess #YOLO.

According to his FB profile, Keow is a Malaysian photographer who is currently living in Bangkok, Thailand.

You can view all his pictures here. We have also shared some of his pictures below, since he made his FB post public and told people to spread the photos.


However, some members of the public expressed unhappiness at his actions, suggesting that his actions were irresponsible:


Good points raised here. The Japanese authorities restricted access for a good reason. We certainly hope that Keow hasn’t contaminated too many people so far. So I’m sorry Bernadette Chin, sometimes being #YOLO does bring unintended negative consequences to others.

In any case, here are some of his pictures: