We were having our lunch when one of our colleagues exclaimed ‘Eh got bank robbery in Singapore la sia!” ‘Wah! So exciting! PRC again ah? I asked, laughing and almost chocking on my mee siam.

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All of us at the table were in disbelieved. No one robs a bank in Singapore. It’s just not a Singaporean thing to do.  . We have our fair share of murderers and fraudsters but a bank robber? It is just beyond foolish. Firstly, it is impossible to purchase a firearm and secondly, Singapore is so small, you will get caught even before the day is up.

Additionally, I thought the trend now was phone scams. Callers who claimed that you had to pay a fee for a parcel or to waive a fine.  A bank robbery is so classic that I think it can qualify as a hipster offence in Singapore.

The last time someone tried to pull off something similar (Two guys kidnapped the mother of the CEO of Sheng Shiong supermarket chain), they were caught within 12 hours after a police report was made.

Police officers with bullet proof vests are currently at scene and has cordoned off the area. Straits times reported that there were as many as 10 police cars and two police vans in the area (see what I mean that you don’t just rob a bank in Singapore) and that they are leaving no stones un-turned till they find the suspect – a Caucasian male wearing a hat. (Source)

The internet too joined in the manhunt:

The Joker:

the joker

The conspiracy theorist:

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The #YOLO:

the observer

The realist:

the realist


(So many banks to rob from – why Standard Chartered?)