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Kiyomizudera Shrine is one of the most celebrated temples in Japan and was built in 780 CE in Kyoto. It was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site (like our Botanic Gardens) in 1994. Famous for its awesome views in the autumn, it is situated on the site of the Otowa waterfall.

Water flowing into the shrine is divided into three separate streams, and visitors can take a sip of water from one of the streams using special cups that are hung on sticks from a balcony. One stream is said to give longevity, another success at school and a third to give good luck in love. It is considered greedy to drink from all three streams.

But one PRC tourist didn’t care, cause YOLO.

In an incident that happened earlier in June 2016, a PRC tourist was captured on camera jumping into the water shrine fully clothed, and using a plastic bottle to collect all the goodness that the holy water has to offer.


(Photo from DailyMail.co.uk)

And in the process, he had defiled the holy water.

I guess he must have thought that the holy water in Japan is like the holy water in the Ganges River, India.


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Eh bro, Same same but different k.

Another PRC tourist in the limelight for the wrong reasons. What’s new, right? During the cherry blossom season in Japan, PRC tourists were so poorly behaved that the Japanese wanted “Chinese-only” zones at tourist attractions to limit bad behaviour. Apparently, the PRC tourists had climbed trees, bent branches and plucked flowers from trees to put in their hair.

What a unique way of appreciating flowers.

But then again, Singaporean tourists have also made headlines overseas for the wrong reasons recently. I’m sure by now you will know about the two Singaporean girls who were caught shoplifting in Bangkok’s Platinum Mall.

So before you laugh at others, examine our own countrymen also, lah.