Straits Times reported that both the Housing Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) are reviewing the public parking rates and it is set to raise prices at all public car parks.

Technically, this should not come as a surprise.  

Two months ago, the ministries, National Development and Transport did mention in Parliament that parking prices would go up, to bring Singapore rates in line with those of other global cities

But now that you have reminded us again . . . What the hell man! CP rates in line with other global cities . . Seriously?

The URA shared that the review is meant to “right-price public car park charges and reduce the gap between fees charged by private and public car parks”

What a load of horseshit! Whats wrong with keeping the public carparks cheap! Go and right price the private car parks la!

The last price revision was in 2002 and it increased short term parking by about 10 per cent (90 cents to $1 per half hour in the CBDs and 45 cents to 50 cents per half hour outside CBDs)

Owning a vehicle and driving in Singapore is costly. The increase in car park rates will definitely add on to the already high cost of maintaining a vehicle in Singapore.

Online, netters are already crying foul – that it is just another way for the government to fleece her people and earn extra pocket money. We did a quick search on google to find out the parking rates of these ‘global cities’ (Source)

Monaco: No on street parking available. 20 Euro for daily private parking. ($30SGD)

Milan: 1.40 Euro per hour ($2.12SGD)

Zurich: CHF15 per day ($20SGD)

Singapore: 60 cents to $1 per half hour.

Okay we get it. Even with the revised charges, Singapore is still paying less than these global cities. But what the hell, we will complain anyways.

ERP increase, COE increase, now CP also increase! Increase your kukujio la!

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