Malaysia Airline (MAS) CEO Christoph Mueller was appointed in March 2015 to revive MAS’ fortunes – Malaysia’s national carrier had been badly hit by two unfortunate aircraft crashes (MH370 and MH17), and required an urgent revamp of its operations.

In April 2016, slightly more than a year after he had assumed the CEO position, Mueller announced that he would be leaving his job in September 2016, citing “changing personal circumstances”. This was far ahead of the end of his three-year contract with MAS.


In a recent hard hitting interview, Mueller said that MAS had a bloated workforce before he took over in March 2015, and 6000 MAS employees were retrenched because many “had nothing to do”. He also said that many MAS workers were sleeping in the hangars, and MAS was overpaying suppliers more than 20-25% of the market rate.

In response, the National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nusfam) hit back by saying that as an outsider, Mueller did not “understand the culture of workers in this country (i.e. Malaysia)”, adding that “sleeping is not an excuse for a company like MAS to sack workers”.

To be fair, Nusfam also said that “the workers in operations work…24 hours and some do overtime, causing them to be exhausted,” and that Mueller shouldn’t overgeneralise and paint all the retrenched MAS workers in a bad light.

After all, can’t be that all 6000 of them had nothing to do and slept on the job, right? Or can it? Hur hur.

But their trade union is not bad ah, got backbone to defend workers for lepaking and sleeping on the job. You will never get this from NTUC…

(Other Malaysians caught sleeping on the job Source )