Looks like Cooling-Off Day rules apply regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and political support.

To the 10% of Singaporeans who are civil activists and care for equality, you got your wish.

Jason Chua, founder of Fabrications about the PAP but not a PAP member, paid a visit to the police station last Friday. He is assisting in investigations for two Facebook posts made on Polling Day, one in support of Dr Murali and the other criticising Dr Chee Soon Juan. We would re-post them here, but they’ve since been taken down.

Like other individuals who were arrested for the breaches, Roy Ngerng and Teo Soh Lung, Jason took to Facebook to describe his experience of a lifetime. His updates, in comparison, were more concise, less dramatic and sometimes even funny. We summarise them for you here:


  • He was escorted back home in a police car, and mused that he would take a selfie if only he had his phone back.
  • His house was also searched. 2 female officers took pictures of his bedroom.
  • His electronic devices were similarly seized – phone, iPad, 2 laptops
  • He has a new iPhone 6s Plus.


Now, we have a couple of questions for ELD:


  • If it is neutral, why did ELD make police reports against Roy Ngerng and Teo Soh Lung – but not Jason Chua? What parameters did ELD use in their decision?
  • Same question to the police – if political affiliation is not the crux of the matter, what parameters will the police use in their investigations and meting out punishment?
  • With Roy Ngerng, Teo Soh Lung and now Jason Chua arrested for Cooling Off Day Breaches, who’s next? Can we also file police reports against the Ah Lian who sings Karaoke at 1AM downstairs, if we know she made a posting on Cooling Off/Polling Day?
  • Will WP, SDP, Jeanette Chong-Adulross and Kirsten Han under the banner of fighting for freedom of expression, and regardless of political support, also stand up for Jason Chua? Than, they had bayed for blood, issued press statements, wrote lengthy international articles, and even organised a public forum.


And lastly, for curiosity’s sake:

  • Did Jason get to eat during the interrogation? We hope that like Roy Ngerng, he also got cake and water.