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Apparently… bad things happen after watching The Conjuring 2

Have you watched that recent horror movie The Conjuring 2?

Basically its about a pair of paranormal investigators who go about investigating the Amityville murders from 1976.


But perhaps it is more interesting to see people’s reactions after watching the movie.

A Singaporean couple watched the movie overseas and after returning to their hotel were mysteriously confronted with a cross being “freshly drawn” on their bathroom mirror. It seems the hotel accepted that story and allowed them to change rooms.

Here’s the full story from Facebook


To me, i think the couple are pretty daring. If were really facing such a case of paranormal activity, i’d have booked another hotel and moved.

Beyond Singapore, the Times of India has also reported about the mysterious disappearance of a man’s body after he died of a suspected heart attack while watching The Conjuring 2.

After passing away, the man’s body disappeared after the hospital’s staff asked for the body to be transferred to another hospital for a post mortem. Apparently, the friend that brought the body to hospital has also disappeared. Naturally, police are now scrambling to figure out who the dead man was.

But has anyone thought that it could just be a case of the friend bringing the body back to the man’s family. Afterall, wouldn’t they want to give him a proper burial and see their loved one?

But because I do not like horror movies, let’s end off with another picture from Care bears.





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  1. Bethany

    I’ve seen it twice, once in the theater and once on DVD, and nothing bad or weird happened. If this were true then there would be hundreds of thousands of reports because things would have happened to every person that saw it.

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