The Sun strikes back! This time, shedding the saucy China Wine look, City Harvest pastor Sun Ho “sets aside the cares and burdens that she faces daily, and finds herself just worshipping” when recording her City Harvest’s newest album – Draw Me.

This is definitely one good crossover project! What’s more astonishing is that this new album has shot to the top of Singapore’s iTunes charts. This is one feat, short of a miracle.


I must say, from skimpy kimono to wearing bikini hugging a dog – that’s one huge crossover!

Clicking on Sun Ho’s FB page, one can listen to snippet of the song. The airy melodious voice of Sun coupled with the intensity of her faith, one will be drawn to the abyss paradise where weals and woes will be cast into the hands of the almighty. If you don’t believe me, just click and you will understand why the following FB user will say something like this:


However, anyone who wants a physical copy of the album has to control their disappointment and wait. They have all been sold out, the church said on its Facebook page.


It even topped the local iTune Charts!


P.S: And if you’re wondering where is Pastor Kong Hee? Is he behind bars? Don’t worry, you can still catch him regularly during Sunday service because he’s out on bail awaiting appeal.


“Well done, Sun! Well done! We topped the chart. Kaching