Violence against any groups large or small is not tolerated in Singapore. This extends to physical violence, verbal abuse, bullying and discrimination.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Muslim, a Jew, a foreigner or even a queer.

The Singapore government will protect people regardless of race, language, religion or sexuality.

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It is a straight forward and a no-nonsense approach. (link)


Singaporeans agree and that is why, in light of the Orlando shooting, no one one here is going to support Trump views to put a check on Muslims, Migrants, Radical Islam, etc.

How the heck did you think we manage to celebrate our SG50 last year. By chance? By having such radical views?

As far as Singapore is concern, inclusivity, tolerance and multi-racial harmony are the bedrock in which our society was formed – and these will continue to be our foundation for generations to come.


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Additionally, our abang- abang ISD is top notch la. They have proven their worth time and again, foiling the Jemmah Islamiah plans to bomb MRT stations in 2001, intercepting ISIS sympathisers and more recently disrupting a network of Bangladeshi terrorists.

Did they say ‘oh no we should just let the terror attack continue because it’s a mosque, bar, foreigner enclave or god-forbid, an opposition ward’ ? – Hell No!

They carried out their task professionally, putting their lives before ours, keeping us safe regardless of race, religion or sexuality.

They are living proof that the Singapore government will act decisively, if there is a threat or violence against anyone or any group.

Trump. Obama. Hillary Clinton. They say a lot of things about the Orlando attacks.

The local LGBT groups, Wear White movement, human rights activists. They too pushed their agenda of repelling/keeping the 377A.

Don’t let these voices distract and let doubt creep up on you.

Remember who we are. Remember how we got here.

This is Singapore.

The Government’s duty, and we ask what is the Government’s duty, it is to protect everyone – their race, their religion, their sexual orientation. It is not relevant in terms of the Government’s duty to protect. We have a duty to protect everyone. And I think in this incident, (it) again highlights the threat of terror, whether its targeted at religious groups or whether it’s targeted at specific people, individuals, and we, as Singaporeans, have to come together, unite together to fight this terror.”

– K Shanmuggam