You can feel it can’t you. Them nit-picking for political gains. Pointing out the flaws in others while quickly covering their own.

Bit by bit.  Coercing. Influencing. Playing

AHEPTC. Missing Funds. Town Councils. Lifts?

Social media sites that claim that they are neutral hardly are. (So too are our broadsheets)

Are we then able to see issues for what they are without being influenced by the narratives that were brought up purely for political gain.


No one should ever die due to a malfunctioning lift in Singapore but over the past months, there were at least one death and many accidents concerning the lifts in our HDBs.

lift 2lift 1

Instead of getting it sorted out and reassuring the public that the town councils are doing all they can to address the issue, we see sites and individuals coming out to politicize the issue.

Clearly rubbing  the anxiety and discomfort further- segregating society more than ever before.


Is this the politics that Singaporeans ever deserve to have ?

Where is the guts, conviction and drive in discussing  ‘heavier’ issues such as income equality, sustainable growth and economic development opportunities.

Since the PAP is so ‘disconnected’, then where is the opposition leader that we so desperately needed.

Politics saturates our media, fills our Twitter feeds and animates our Kopitiam discussions but what exactly are we discussing about?

Is it the next economic opportunity for Singapore ? – No. It was the maintenance of lifts.