So, if you have been following the whole debacle over the police investigations into alleged electoral breaches committed by The Independent Singapore (TISG), blogger Roy Ngerng and former SDP GE candidate Teo Soh Lung, you would know that it is probably the biggest political news in Singapore at the moment. (Besides the WP leadership tussle, of course.)

In a rare and uncharacteristic move, the usually pragmatic and risk-adverse WP issued a statement on 1 Jun 16 stating that they were “concerned about the manner in which the current investigations into alleged violations… are reportedly being conducted.”

Yup, WP expressing their concerns over human and political rights issues. Sounds almost like SDP, doesn’t it?

Here’s what WP said:


Begs the question – why did WP issue the statement? Did party cadres pressure the WP leadership into taking a tougher stance against the government during the WP party elections last Sunday? Or was it something else?

PAP MP Tan Wu Meng provided everyone with a clue. According to Tan, WP exco member and NCMP Leon Perera is linked to TISG. Here’s what Tan said:


Now, this is starting to get interesting. So we went to do some digging, and here’s what we found…


Leon Perera is actually a shareholder, advisory board member and founding member of TISG!

  • Shareholder



  • Advisory board member


  • Founding member



As we were writing this piece, Leon Perera issued a statement on his involvement in TISG. Here’s what he said:


So based on Leon Perera’s response, he is not involved in the day-to-day operations in TISG. Which means he probably didn’t contribute to nor direct the posts that supposedly contravene the law.

That is fair enough.

But wait. Isn’t WP still an interested party in this case, since Leon Perera is both an office holder in WP and a shareholder in TISG? Why is WP issuing a statement about the breaches then? Surely WP shouldn’t be seen as trying to interfere with the case since Leon Perera has a vested interest in the outcome of the investigations?

In the spirit of political openness and transparency to work towards a First-World Parliament, we hope that WP and Leon Perera will answer the following questions:

  • What is the difference between a founding member, shareholder and advisory board member of TISG? What exactly does each role do, and how exactly has Leon Perera contributed to TISG since its inception?
  • Why did TISG list Leon Perera as a member of its advisory board on its website? Leon said that he isn’t part of the board, but why didn’t Leon ask the TISG team to correct this earlier?
  • Is TISG currently funded by Leon Perera, and did Leon contribute any funds when TISG first started given that he is a founding member?
  • Is WP aware of the full nature of Leon Perera’s involvement in TISG, and funding made by Leon to TISG, if any?


As the leading opposition party in Singapore, we hope that WP will provide Singaporeans with answers and set the standards for other political parties to follow, and won’t ownself check ownself.