Mr Khaw Boon Wan was the minister that suggested to the Workers Party to commit hara kiri over their mismanagement of the Town Council funds. He became an internet sensation with his comments.

He is also the Minister for Transport that celebrated SMRT ‘100-day’s disruption free’ milestone only for the train to suffer from an epic breakdown two days later.


Yesterday, he finally admitted what we have suspected all around (in his own style of course) – The Singapore rail system have lost its ‘mojo’


Despite Mr Khaw’s tendency to shoot his own foot, we are confident that he can pick things up quickly and outlive his memes online.

To solve Singapore rail woes, Mr Khaw is now looking at how Taipei is running their rail system and plans to ‘copy paste’ their maintenance schedule for the Singapore rail network – because their assets management system is the best and they have the numbers to prove it.

I personally think that this third time will be the charm for Mr Khaw Boon Wan…

(we cannot imagine an internet without your memes Mr KBW)

Taipei’s record exceeds Hong Kong’s 520,000 train-km registered in the first quarter of this year, and Singapore’s preliminary figure of 160,000 train-km in the same period. “We may not achieve those very high targets, but I think they can be extremely motivating, so that if we fail, in absolute terms it could still be a very significant improvement,” he said.

For this year, the goal should be 200,000 train-km between delays, said Mr Khaw, and when this is achieved, “even more audacious” targets should be set. The target for 2018 should be 400,000 train-km, and then doubled subsequently.

“My political mantra is, under- promise, so hopefully you can over-deliver. However, when organisations need to be transformed… I think we need to do the opposite – set clear stretch targets, motivate the troop, aim high and work our butts out,” he said.

Among other things, LTA is working with software vendors to develop an enterprise asset management system. This will allow a systematic assessment of the condition of rail assets by the LTA, SBS and SMRT.

The two operators’ incident response and recovery procedures are also being reviewed, and the LTA is working with the TRTC to attach staff from SBS and SMRT to its metro workshops. Mr Khaw said operators should follow the TRTC’s asset maintenance regimes since both cities’ rail systems are similar.

“If they said they focus on this component and they replace it after one interval, I think just copy them first,” he said. “We have no time to waste. I can’t wait, you can’t wait, our commuters can’t wait.”

He expressed confidence in turning rail reliability around. “At the moment, I describe the cup as ‘three-quarters empty’. But I appreciate the efforts of our colleagues who have made the cup ‘one-quarter full’. I’m confident we will have a ‘full cup’ in due course.”

Source: The Straits Times