If you’ve not heard, NUS is extending the new grade-free scheme from one semester to two i.e. the entire first academic year. Of course, that only applies to eight modules and not all ten that a typical freshmen would be taking in the first year.

And so, incoming NUS freshmen all over Singapore are cheering over the good news. After all, they will now be able to spend more time doing whatever they can dream of rather than mugging.

So what will you be doing with the free time? Here’s a list of 4 things you can do now that you don’t need to study 24/7 for a year.

1. Get into a Hall and socialise


If you don’t need to study as hard, then you should play as hard as you can while you can. There’s no better place to do exactly this than one of NUS’s halls. With their tons of activities, you’ll definitely make tons of friends, especially amongst your hallmates and block mates.

And perhaps, with more time for socialising, the unattached amongst you will get attached.

2. Start a business

Well, if you have an idea worth pursuing, why not? NUS has produced some big successes in the business scene. For example, Carousell was founded by Quek Siu Rui, Marcus Tan and Lucas Ngoo. Siu Rui and Marcus studied Business Administration while Lucas did Computer Engineering.

The company is probably worth a few million dollars now. Not bad, not bad at all!

3. Learn something new


The whole point of the gradeless first year was for freshmen to discover and try new things. Perhaps try a new language or take a course in a subject you’re interested in but would never have taken if it was graded. Maybe you might want to consider wine tasting? Haha.

And if you can’t find a course you are interested in at NUS, then maybe you can look for one outside. Remember that $500 SkillsFuture Credit for courses? If you haven’t used it yet then this would be an opportune moment to do so.

4. Travel the world


If you can afford it, why not travel the world while you can. Year 1 seems to be the best time to do so since workload is at its lowest in university and now, it’s gradeless too (for 8 modules). But of course, remember to still submit your homework on time and don’t skip project meetings. Everyone hates a problematic group mate.

Can you think of other things to do?


Cover picture from Asiaone