You must have heard by now. Some Tan Ah Kao woke up one day, decided to spend $1 on QuickPick, and then won more than $8 million at the Toto Draw.


This one really win liao lor.

We thought of five ways Tan Ah Kao can creatively spend $8,045,163 – Singapore-style.

1) Build an GrabCar / Uber Fleet


Tan Ah Kao has enough money now to buy 60 cars – including COE. We estimate that it would be about $130,000 a car. So what Tan Ah Kao can do now is to build a fleet, and then hire a legion of Uber or Grab Car drivers. If he plays his cards right, he might actually make more than $8 million in the next few years.

2) Own Property and Be a Feudal Lord


Tan Ah Kao could buy 4 condos in Bishan, or 8 condos in ulu areas like Bukit Batok if he wants to stretch his dollar. He could also alternatively buy two plots of land in Serangoon. Tan Ah Kao can rent out his houses, retire, and become a feudal lord.

3) Save Singapore’s hawker trade


A doomsday prediction has hung over our heads and stomachs for many years. Our local hawker trade may die out in a few years! Reasons: labour shortage, commercialism, rising costs, retirement, no interest amongst young Singaporeans etc etc.

Remember Tong Ah coffee shop that had to leave Keong Saik Road when some heartless pig businessman sold the building to some rich international buyer? Now, Tan Ah Kao has enough money now to buy at least two kopitiams and house our traditional hawkers. Like a safehouse – but for chicken rice, char kway teow and hand-rolled curry puffs.


4) Bring A&W back!


Because everyone deserves a chance. And so that Singaporeans don’t have to endure a causeway jam or fly to Bangkok in order to get to the nearest A&W.




The first fast food chain to open in Singapore exited our shores in 2003 due to competition with MacDonald’s. Since then, Singaporeans have petitioned to bring A&W back.  Tan Ah Kao is in a place to bring back curly fries, root beer floats, coney dogs and ice-cream waffles for greater mankind.

5) Beat this record and build the world’s longest pizza beside the Singapore river.



(yes, that is indeed a pizza).

And invite Singaporeans to this community event. Because why not.