If you haven’t heard, Malaysia is beginning to enforce a new policy barring Malaysians who have discredited or ridiculed the Malaysian government from leaving the country for three years.

And before you think this is a joke… It’s not.

According to the Malaysian press, the Immigration Director General has confirmed the existence of such a policy and said that “the Government has the discretion to either issue, defer or revoke the travel document (Malaysian international passport)”.


It has been claimed that this policy is targeted at safeguarding the image of Malaysia and is just one of a whole list of things that could get you banned from travelling out of Malaysia.

And these other things include having a criminal conviction at home or abroad, deliberately damaging passports or visiting Israel without approval. But beyond these, if you accidentally destroy you passport three times within a five year period, you won’t be issued with another one for a minimum of two years because you would be seen as negligent.

I guess this is one area Singapore is better in. At least I can run away after “discrediting” or “ridiculing” the government.