Fans of Hello Kitty, rejoice!

The Hello Kitty Orchid Garden, which is a Hello Kitty-themed café, has officially opened its doors to the public. Everything in the cafe, from décor to dishes, feature Hello Kitty.


Located at Changi Airport Terminal 3, it is the world’s first 24/7 Hello Kitty café. According to press reports (here and here), the café’s opening earlier today saw huge crowds. Queues actually formed a few hours ahead of the opening.

The 500 limited-edition Hello Kitty plushies that were on sale also flew off the shelves. Retailing at $49.90 each, these soft toys were found online less than two hours after the café opened, with people selling the toy for $75 to $200 each on Carousell.

Here’s some facts about Hello Kitty that you might not know:

  1. Hello Kitty is 42 years old this year. She made her debut in 1974.


  1. Her real name isn’t Hello Kitty. She’s actually Kitty White, daughter of Mary and George White.


  1. She’s British. According to Sanrio’s (the Japanese company that created her) backstory, Hello Kitty was actually born in the suburbs of London.


  1. She is five apples tall, and weighs three apples. Sanrio didn’t say whether those are big apples or small apples though.


  1. She speaks from her heart, and that’s why she doesn’t have a mouth. That’s what Sanrio said. Right.


  1. She has a pet kitten called Charmmy Kitty. Charmmy Kitty was a present from her dad, George White.

Wonder why a cat can keep another cat as a pet? Well, the truth is because…

  1. Hello Kitty isn’t a cat in the first place. In 2014, Sanrio clarified that she is a little girl, she is a friend, but she is not a cat. Sanrio subsequently clarified that she isn’t exactly a human either.

So in a nutshell, Kitty White (more popularly known as Hello Kitty) is a 42yo British cat-woman who keeps a cat, doesn’t have a mouth, doesn’t grow old, literally speaks from her heart, and is five apples tall and three apples heavy.

But who cares anyway, right? She’s still cute.