On this quiet evening, we put together a list of the 5 strangest cosmetics out there that’ll weird you out. Some are gross. Some are painful. Others are just…Japanese.

1. Bull Semen Hair Treatment


That, our friends, is a receptacle of bull sperm.

Supposedly, bull semen strengthens the hair shafts and offers a deep conditioning treatment. The logic behind it seems straightforward enough. Bull sperm is rich in protein, and when massaged into the scalp – becomes great nourishment for dry, damaged hair.

In order to obtain the elixir for soft, shiny locks, the bull’s testicles are boiled down to a broth. Ouch.

2. Snail Mucus Facial Treatments



It turns out that snails are more than just escargots. Snail mucus facial massages are now all the rage in Thailand.

The treatment essentially involves letting live snails slither and ooze all over your face. Snail secretions are apparently rich in allantoin, elastin and collagen – all ingredients found in most beauty products. Snail mucus facial treatments are said to help smoothen skin and fight acne. Those that are squeamish may resort instead to other variations, such as facial masks, moisturisers and toners.

So the next time it rains, don’t crunch walk past the critters you see on the ground. It might just be your next ticket to good skin.

3. Rainbow Lashes


The things that go viral are also often the strangest things. In the latest beauty trend to hit social media, your peepers are also your canvas.

Those with too much time on their hands make the effort of painting different coloured mascara to individual lashes. Otherwise, you could also apply rainbow falsies, or get dyed lash extensions in these bright shades, to turn unicorn.

We can safely say that the men definitely don’t get it.

4. Faeces Odour Tablets


In three days, these Japanese pills promises to make your excrement, well, stink-free. There are different brand such as Etiquette Lady, that aim to “beautify body waste” as well as Kyrie, which claims that its mushroom extract will eliminate the stench of gas and faeces. Its label says, “We are entering an era in which people must be responsible for their own odours”.

We guess these mushrooms are indeed magic.

5. Vampire facelifts


We’ve saved the bloodiest for the last.

Kim Kardashian hit the news some years ago when she got what has since been dubbed a “vampire facial”, where her face was stabbed by tiny needles of her own blood. She ended up bleeding and crying – and to add insult to injury – no improvement.

The radical, bizarre-looking facial treatment uses a tool called a “Dermapen”, which consists of a few acupuncture-sized needles. A couple of vials of blood are taken from your arm with a needle and syringe. Your blood is then put into machines which spins it around at high speed for several minutes, which separates and produces plasma rich with platelets. The platelets are re-injected back into your face – in the hopes that it stimulates the growth of more cells. Vampire facials are said to plump up one’s skin and increase overall glow.


Don’t try any of these at home, folks. And don’t say we didn’t tell you.