First of all, a very happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers!

To commemorate this special day, we have decided to feature (probably) the prettiest and most kickass mum in the entire SAF!

Meet Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Vicky Wang, who is only in her early 30s!



(When LTC Vicky was still a Major)

What’s more, LTC Vicky Wang is actually the mother to two lovely boys!



According to LTC Vicky’s linkedin profile, she is currently the Commanding Officer of 10C4I Battalion, an appointment she held since October 2015.

High flyer? Checked.

Good looks? Checked.

Married with kids i.e. wholesome family image? Checked.

A LTC at such a tender age, LTC Vicky could well be on her way to bigger things in life.  After all, many of our current ministers, including the newer ones that entered politics in the last two GEs, came from the SAF.

E.g. Chan Chun Sing, Tan Chuan-Jin, Ng Chee Meng etc.

Look out for this lady folks. For she may soon change her vocation to become a “paratrooper”, and drop into some GRC in a white uniform in the next five to ten years.


(Photos from Hardwarezone and MINDEF)