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Two revelations in the past 24 hours that breaks Chee Soon Juan Campaign

As an observer during the hustings for Bukit Batok SMC, it was clear that Chee Soon Juan’s main strategy for this campaign was to pull on the heartstrings of the residents (and possibly the entire Singapore) by selling you his vision of a martyr fighting against all odds to inspire Singaporeans.

Murali on the other hand, keeps quiet (which he is really good at btw) while his colleagues like Grace Fu, Halimah Yacob, Heng Swee Keat, Tan Chuan Jin, all threw in sucker punches at the earliest opportunity… (ouch!)

Chee Soon Juan strategy seemed to work better.

He is definitely popular with the naive younger crowd who were turned off by PAP’s relentless bully tactics.

I think that  CSJ seems to have the upper hand and everything really worked according to plan – the audience even let it slide when he made insidious pokes at David Ong and Lee Wei Ling during his rally

As polling day draws nears, the internet is filled with chatter supporting Chee Soon Juan, They are appealing for the public to give this ‘misunderstood’ Singapore son a chance and to  make a difference in Parliament. Based on online comments, I would say that the people were willing to give him a chance (or considering to)

In the last 24 hours however, two pieces of information has surfaced.

These two revelations, I believe,  had just crushed his hopes of ever entering into Parliament.

Revelation 1Lee Wei Ling (PM Lee’s sister)




Revelation 2The Chiams comes out with the truth



Lee Wei Ling and Chiam See Tong  may be ‘anti-Lee’ but that doesn’t mean they would vote for just anyone standing up against him.  They do not let their bias-ness to cloud their better judgement to make Singapore a better place.

(Which btw tells you to put some thought into your decisions too).

They are telling you that CSJ is essentially full of bullshit. Period

When Singapore pioneers like them speaks up, I suggest you better listen well and good.




  1. Chiam S T and Lee Wei Ling are pioneers ? Are you sure Mr Chiam spoke ? Can he speak ? Can anybody make out what he says ? Mr Chiam too was just an authoritarian leader; he lost the support of his own party. Why ? Why don’t we just let all 89 PAP MPs win; no need to fight over town council facilities, no need to waste money on PA, no need for the Straits Times to be crooked, etc etc. Good night. By the way, who does this LWL think she is ? So powerful she can move the ground in BB. Nice joke. Good night

    • Darryl Heng

      While I don’t agree with CST and LWL being called pioneers, they do speak with credibility. Interestingly, they did not wade into the brawl – They were pulled in by SDP supporters as icons of support for CSJ. Unfortunately, it backfired.

      Btw, I wouldn’t call LWL an anti-LEE too.

  2. Mr Foo

    While it is clear that CSJ has had reasonable success tugging on the heart strings of a certain crowd of Singaporeans who profess to be sick of PAP’s approach in governing, his campaign is fundamentally flawed due to the fact that his welfare centric proposals defy the values of what Singapore was built upon: a people that is rugged, independent and determined to survive. His proposals will produce nothing but a clutch mentality that will perpetuate the onset of weak spineless future generations who live on nothing but state provided welfare and comfort. I’d rather a ruling party who while has seemingly gotten cocky, but still has the ability and competency lead Singapore on towards a future that ensures our survivability and hopefully prosperity as well.


    The tenacity of Dr Chee is notable, policies by SDP is audacious, Dr Chee nor SDP will not be government, so there are nothing to fear if he is elected, with so many programs proposed by PAP, I also hope for a by elections in punggol pasir ris GRC.

  4. PAP Insider

    LWL is damn rich saying CSJ cheated NUS. If like that, 90% of all ministers, MPs, senior civil servants, middle civil servants, and even junior civil servants (those earning at least $5000/mth) are all guilty of “cheating” various ministries, govt agencies, quasi-govt bodies at one time or another (or on a regular basis).

    CSJ cheated NUS by including his wife’s postage cost of around $2-$3 in his claims from NUS HR / Finance.

    I’ve worked in civil service & stat boards for close to 30 years, and I’ve seen civil servants & politicians, including perm secs & MPs & Ministers, claiming TENS OF THOUSANDS of SGD for basically bullshit things. The total wastage of such BS claims are easily approaching $1 Million — just what I’ve personally seen & encountered. Over the past 50 years, the total in the entire PAP-run govt I won’t be surprised to be in the Hundreds of Millions wasted.

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