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The problem I have with Dr Chee

Look past the emotive story that Dr Chee is telling you at his every opportunity

“The salesman knows nothing of what he is selling save that he is charging a great deal too much for it.” – Oscar Wilde

The problem I have with Chee Soon Juan is not easy to express. It surely isn’t popular opinion.

Sure. You can characterize the PAP’s statements as Gutter Politics; but would that be accurate?



Could Chee be defined as someone with good reputation?

I suppose it could be argued that PAP’s attacks on him were malicious or unjustified. But were they?

Till today, Chee has not denied these accusations. He’s even proud of them. “I am proud of my achievement” in spite of “a very difficult political terrain” (least you accuse me of copying from our 154th press, this was from TOC).


For the sake of discussion, lets remove both PAP’s attacks on him and accusations about his disloyalty to mentor, Chiam See Tong.

As his SDP team mate implored:

“Criticise the speech, policies, values – but do not attack the man”. Paul Tambyah


 But what are these policies and values Dr Tambyah think Chee is imbued with.

  1. Chee Soon Juan has spent the majority of his speeches playing the victim card instead of talking about policy; trotting out his children without hesitation to highlight his plight.


2.  Chee Soon Juan has not spent a great deal on policy discussion. In fact, he seems to have completely forgotten his party’s manifesto from less than six months ago.

3. His main policy proposal is new. Retrenchment Insurance. Bukit Batok’s demographic is aging and middle income. Coincidence? You tell me?



As a travelling salesman, he’s come to Bukit Batok equipped with an arsenal of what would sell.

A story about an underdog finally making his mark. A story about a man ahead of his time. A story about a martyr for the common folk. A story about a fighter would give his all for you.

He is a good salesman. Are you an informed buyer?

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  1. Simon Lee

    It is good to see Dr Chee made the PAP work harder.

    It is still true that more Singaporeans are being retrenched. The govt could do more. Sometimes it is necessary to have opposition, even a light weight opposition can light a fire under the PAP’s butt.

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