Dear readers,

It’s me again, the Bukit Batok resident. I previously wrote about the SDP’s response to Budget 2016, SDP’s proposed social programmes for BB, as well as the pros and cons of voting for either Dr Chee Soon Juan or Mr Murali Pillai.

I also said that I will be enjoying the media attention on Bukit Batok, and watch the hustle and bustle of politics with glee.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

I think many Bukit Batok residents (myself included) and Singaporeans in general are suffering from election fatigue.

The thing is, all the inconsistencies, mudslinging and hypocrisy shown this during by-election are very off putting, and demonstrated to us average Singaporeans how dirty politics really is.

Both sides of the camp are equally guilty of bad behaviour.


  • Using electoral carrots as threats. Remember how Murali flipped prata over the estate upgrading plans?
  • Character Assassination. Grace Fu, Halimah Yacob, Lee Hsien Loong, Heng Swee Keat, Tan Chuan Jin.



  • Dr Chee sitting on moral high horse while other party leaders whack David Ong. And reminding people about David Ong while spending a long time telling the whole world that he wouldn’t whack David Ong.
  • Dr Chee pledging to be a full-time MP and making Murali look bad in contrast, but refusing to clarify if other party leaders, e.g. Dr Paul Tambyah, will give up their jobs in elected in the future.
  • Political opportunism. Dr Chee whacking the government over immigration when reacting to the arrest of Bangladeshi workers under the ISA, while blatantly sidestepping the question of his party’s stance on ISA.
  • Dr Chee defending his character so aggressively (invoking God, his wife and children in the process) when clearly he had done some things in the past that he shouldn’t be proud of.

 It is a sad situation when politicians choose to make these issues the focus of their campaigns.

A wise but misunderstood Singapore politician once said that a handshake is basically a promise, a commitment and a tall order.


Thus far, I’ve shaken Murali’s hands twice, and Dr Chee’s hands once.

I do hope that whoever wins will live up to the handshake (minus all the drama).

But above all, I look forward to some sense of normalcy after 7 May.

Hand on my heart – I have had my year’s worth of political bullsh*t.

yours sincerely,

Bukit Batok Resident