The ISD have had a super busy year (and it is not even halfway through 2016)

They just made the third announcement earlier about the arrest of 8 Bangladeshi nationals under the ISA. One of them was willing to carry out attacks anywhere on behalf of the ISIS.


Their latest statement about the arrest here

The first announcement came in January where MHA announced that 27 Bangladesh nationals were arrested between Nov 16 and Dec 1 2015

The second announcement came in March where four Singaporeans were arrested for undertaking/intending violence in overseas armed conflicts. One of whom had wanted to join the fight against ISIS


‘Oh No!’ not another one I thought.

“How on earth do they get into Singapore in the first place”!

What is it with these people? Planning to kill innocent people in the name of Islam!

This latest news of the arrest really jolted me.

Singaporeans need to realise two things.

First is that the threat from terrorism is closer than we all think and

Secondly the threat need not necessarily come from Singaporeans.

Case in point: The Paris attacks in 2015 were carried out by Belgians. The bomb blast in Turkey (2015) came from an individual who has spent a considerable time in Syria.

Singapore is surrounded by neighbouring countries widely reported to have considerable ISIS sympathisers – an organisation that have no qualms attacking innocents and as one of them has even admitted; to carry out attacks anywhere on behalf of the ISIS.


Singapore is a target. Make no mistake about it.

More now than ever before because we have been doing so well for the past 50 years.

The Internal Security Act had probably saved Singapore from multiple terror attacks and we do not even realise it.

To the SDP (and anyone else) who lobbied so hard to abolish the ISA…..

I’d say  you guys are the real security threat…!

(If only the ISA officers could speak up and share their stories, you will realise the foolishness of lobbying against the ISA)


(Groups lobbying against the ISA at Hong Lim Park. Images from The Online Citizen)