If you haven’t watched the latest episode from HBO’s Game of Thrones, do not continue reading this post. There are major spoilers ahead.

No, seriously, don’t. You will regret it.



For the rest of you who have seen the latest episode (or don’t mind reading spoilers – seriously though, wtf is wrong with you?), here are our top 5 moments:

Melisandre, the best hairdresser in Westeros

We all guessed it, and we all hoped for it to happen – Jon Snow is back! There was much disbelief when he was betrayal-stabbed at the end of last season, and many fans chimed in with different theories on how he would return to life this season. Well return to life he did, but we must admit that nobody expected the sequence of events that led to his revival.

Even though Melisandre has seemingly given up on her Lord of Light, she definitely still has her sorcery chops. All it took was a few snips on Jon Snow’s hair from Melisandre, and he’s back to retake the Wall.

Ball’s in your court, David Gan.

Jon wasn’t the only one revived

His appearance was brief, but definitely noticed. #Cleganebowl is happening, guys.

Don't take a piss in public people - Imgur

However bad you think Ramsay Bolton is, he’d always be worse.

Good grief, how frightening will Ramsay Bolton get? Within this single episode, our demented friend from up north manages to kill his own father, feed his step-mom and newborn stepbrother to the dogs (quite literally), and proclaims himself the Lord of Winterfell. Oh, and all this happens right after he fed his favourite girlfriend to the dogs as well.

But let’s not be too harsh on him – he just lost his entire family in one single day.

Tyrion’s dragon experience

“I’m here to help… don’t eat the help.”

That exchange was gold, and if you haven’t seen it (again, wtf are you doing here?!) go watch it. And if you have seen it, watch it again. Not only was the exchange dripping with wit, it also gave a lot of wings to the “Tyrion Targaryen” theory. We don’t know how this story arc will go, but we really hope that Tyrion doesn’t die. Sadly, we know that’s a lost cause with this show’s track record.


Hodor, hodor hodor, hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor.

Just kidding.

For a few long minutes, the only interesting about Bran Stark’s flashback was the actor’s sudden evolution from a mop-haired kid to a teenage version of James Blunt. Then out of the blue, a lumbering oaf appears and we’re told that he’s Hodor. Or rather, Willis – the name that Hodor goes by back when he could talk.

Why did he stop talking? And what does Hodor even mean? We don’t know yet, but we hope that this mystery will be solved soon. Unlike Gendry’s whereabouts.