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Recently, there is a craze for fruit infused detox water with many people claiming all sorts of health benefits from drinking it. From improving your mood to weight loss, fruit infused water seems to be the new spring of life discovered by hippies. Regardless whether the health benefits are true, fruit infused water definitely tastes good and it sure will give you that extra dosage of vitamin C without the extra calories.


To make fruit infused water, one can just pop any fruits into iced cold water but I would suggest using a Zing Anything tumbler. The Citrus Zinger tumbler has a reamer fixed at its bottom which allows most juices from any citrus fruits to be pulverized. After twisting your lemon or oranges, you can just leave the skin at the bottom of the bottle. It’ll help to keep the flavour for your refill later.


The good thing about the tumbler is that it helps to separate the seeds and skin from the water. If you’re tired with fruit infused water, you can use iced tea instead of water and you’ll have a nice bottle of fruit flavoured ice tea. Another tip: add a dash of mint or any other herbs for that extra flavour. My personal favourite is rosemary lemon water. It’ll definitely perk you up on a lazy hot afternoon and it’s a good replacement for that sugared drink which will just make you fat.