The two buzzwords over the weekend must be “character assassination” and literally, if real characters are involved, we would have seen bloodshed everywhere. To be frank, I’m a bit bored of this to and fro mud-slinging. But, one statement by SDP Prof. Paul Tambyah sure caught my attention.

On 30 April, Prof Paul Tambyah posted a video pointing out that “a person is not defined by his own actions or words.” (see 0:42 onwards). Wow.


Picture from ChannelNewsAsia

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat replied on his FB saying that he was dismay because this means a “person can lie, cheat or betray someone with impunity.”

Ok, say let’s not quote a PAPpie in reply to Paul Tambyah because he would be biased. Mahatma Gandhi actually said that “A man is the sum of his actions, of what he has done, of what he can do. Nothing else.” Notice that everything is about doing, about actions. I mean whose words should we trust right? Prof. Paul Tambyah or Mahatma Gandhi? Tough choice indeed.

Say we give it to Prof Paul Tambyah that he has a revelation and he came up with a new philosophy – A man can be defined other than through his words and actions. He did not really elaborate what defines a man so we can only imagine what he means.

If words and actions do not define a person, then what does? Hmmm… Looks? Smell? Taste?

Oh, you must be a decent chap because you taste delicious.

Ewww, I can’t trust you because you smell fishy.

Prof. Paul Tambyah seriously, I agree with you this should be a clean fight. But we can only know a person through their words or actions. If not, telepathy ah?